India’s 1st Community Yellow Pages, since 1991 – making living easy for 64,000+ readers!

Our Vision & Mission

We are India’s first free monthly community yellow pages, published since October 1991, having a print-run of 16,000 and a readership of more than 64,000.

We have a two-pronged mission:
*Connecting readers to information, empowering each of them to reach for the service or product they need, to enhance the ease and quality of daily life.
*Providing a focused platform for businesses, professionals & entrepreneurs to reach clients.
The publication is delivered free-of-cost, to the doorstep of 16,000 residents and all business establishments, with the compliments and support of the advertisers in it.
Readers use it on a daily basis, through a detailed user-friendly Index of 7 to 8 pages, with about 50 headers and 25 sub-headers.
The distribution is done, by our own police-verified team, under the personal supervision of its senior members.

Our Story

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. 

In the year 1989, an almost remote residential colony called “Vasant Kunj” came up in the southern part of India’s national capital New Delhi. Its new residents came from all over the country and found themselves almost lost, land-locked…

Information for living their lives on a daily basis seemed critical.

Hence, was born India’s first free distribution monthly community yellow pages in October, 1991, the brainchild of a 26-year-old entrepreneur.

From the first 8-pager, it has grown, with this much-sought-after residential colony, serving the purpose it was created for.

Neeraj Singh

Founder, Editor & Publisher

Founded by Neeraj Singh, a young entrepreneur,  who aspired to create something useful for the community he moved into, this publication has seen passion, skill and relentless team work go into creating a pioneering work of its kind in the country.

Chitra Singh

Co-Founder & Executive Editor

Co-founded by Chitra Singh, who brought into the publication her training and expertise as a journalist in the mainstream media. The vision was to create a publication that would focus on Vasant Kunj as a community and provide its readers something they could rely upon to make their lives better.  Stories featuring people and services within Vasant Kunj took center-stage in this publication since inception.

The Team

This publication is backed by a strong dedicated design and service team that strives to serve its clients and readers day in and day out…

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